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Roman mosaics - how to make them, 

draw them, understand them. 

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Making copies of Roman mosaics - Starting the right way

Roman Mosaic Kits

Roman mosaic kits, suitable for adults and children.

Do you want to understand what goes into those ancient mosaics, what work they had to do? Now you can, these kits have been put together to give you that experience. Easy to use, the work is in applying the instructions you are given.

No previous artistic talent needed, these are suitable for complete beginners and those with some experience of mosaic work.

Marble tiles / tesserae

If you need some marble tiles then you can find them here. Please be aware that if you are outside of the UK shipping will be very costly, if you want details of other suppliers in the EU/rest of the world let me know.

Mosaic Cutting Tools & Accessories

Tools, hammer & hardie sets, nippers, anything that is used with your hands. This includes bases etc.

In Person Workshops 2024

In-person workshops for 2023! Details of the different workshops are in each separate post.

Learning & Teaching

This is where you can find publications that help you to learn about the rules and any other areas of Roman mosaics. You will also find resources if you want to run your own Roman mosaic courses or workshops. The different levels are indicated in the descriptions.

Should you need any help deciding what is right for you then just get in touch with me, Lawrence, at

What previous customers have said;

Pattern commission

Recently I had a client who wanted a custom commission incorporating several Roman mosaic patterns. Since my training is not in the geometry of these specialized motifs, I went directly to the Master Lawrence Payne.

Lawrence saved me weeks of work trying to figure out and design these patterns on my own. He has spent years upon years studying these specialized techniques and actually designed the patterns specifically to the tesserae size I was using.

Though I haven’t yet found the time to study with him, I highly recommend taking advantage of his expertise gleaned from years of study, trial and error. Through his years of investment he’s already made the mistakes and adjustments to these techniques for you and passes this directly on to you. He is the Master!

Michael J Kruzich


Learn Roman Mosaics series manual August 2019

I so enjoyed working on the one I had tiles for. The instruction book in itself was worth the money I spent. I spent 200AU on a mosaic class and didn’t learn most of what was in that book.

Museum Guide

Lawrence Payne, I just read your e-book about Roman Mosaics--I learned so much! I love the clarity of the explanations, drawings and images--it is a treasure! I'm so glad I signed up for your newsletter!

Lawrence Payne

Who is Lawrence Payne?

Ever since I started this journey in 2002 I have been constantly looking for evidence of how those ancient mosaicists worked. I've gone over the mosaics and in making copies I feel I have a greater understanding of those craftsmen. Now I want to give you the chance to do this work for yourself.

Making small mosaics is no different from working on a full floor, you use the same method, the same outlook.